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Capacity Building in Leaderships

NCWTL partnered with Women in Leadership and Development (WILAD), Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA), Culture Education, and Technology Network (CETNET), Centre for Indigenous Knowledge (CIKOD) and WADREC in their training programs.

The Institute for Research Advocacy and Training (INSTRAT) organized training programs for NCWTL members in ICT, peace building, mediation and strategic planning. It organized peace durbars and rallies for election 2012 under the theme: “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the Nation and the World”.

In partnership with NCWTL, INSRAT also organized a National Peace and Unity Festival (adehyeman mma) under the theme: “Traditional Leadership, Culture and the Arts for National Unity and Development”. It is an innovative Cultural event that comprises a roundtable conference, a festival school of workshop on cultural education, health screening, sanitation and environment, children and youth.

The climax was a grand durbar of representatives from all the regions of Ghana.